Friday, June 3, 2011

The World of Celebrity Books....

Interesting article on celebrities and the books they "write".....

Read it here....

PS: I'm not shocked by a celebrity's use of ghostwriters...I just thought it was interesting.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Letting it Flow....

Photo credit: Tamara Hanson

Are you letting your words flow or are you standing in the way of progress?

We tend to get hung up on the phrase "Writer's Block".... but, what is it really?

It's about whether or not you are letting the ideas flow. It's not a physical ailment; it's not a disease; it's not a chronic condition... it's you getting in the way of who you really are as a writer.

So, as you write, are you letting the words flow or are you filtering them? Are you letting the thought process work itself out or are you letting the ego undermine your creativity?

Sometimes you have to push those words out and focus on nothing but what is flowing from your mind to your pen, typewriter, computer.... whatever.

You are the only one that allows your creativity or stands in the way of your creativity.

It's only you that can make that decision.