Monday, May 26, 2008


I just wanted to share this video with you all. Maybe it'll help you move forward with your writing.

Take a chance and do what you dream of doing.

Writing Prompt

This week I thought I'd add a writing prompt to the blog. I think writing prompts are great if you are feeling a little stuck and need an extra push.

Today's writing prompt is:
The phone rings twice, then stops. Then it rings one more time, then stops. Finally, it rings 3 times and you answer it. Who's on the other end and what do they want?

Have fun with this one and see where your story leads you. And remember, don't judge or analyze what you are writing. Just write!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Writing Retreats

If you have the chance, I suggest attending a Writer's Retreat.

A retreat can ease your mind, relax your body and let you have complete and total time to write as much or as little as you want.

A retreat gives you a chance to see where you are headed with your writing. You'll suddenly get a clear outlook on your whole writing situation.

A retreat is time for you and what you are passionate about. It's time for reflection and relaxation.

A retreat is great for connecting with other writers in an informal setting. You can bounce ideas off of each other (if you want to) or you can do the whole solitary thing. It's entirely up to you.

A retreat is just about you and your writing.

When looking for a retreat, decide what you want in a retreat. Do you want to be guided or self guided? How many other people will be attending? Where is it located? And how much?

Below are a few retreats across the world.

1) Strawberry Creek, Alberta. This is located near Leduc, Alberta and hosted by The Writer's Guild of Alberta. Only 11 people are allowed at the retreat and are selected on a first come, first served basis. The Strawberry Creek Lodge does not have a website but the information can be found on the Writer's Guild of Alberta website.

2) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Need something a little Mexican to spice up your writing. Retreat to Hacienda Mosaico. Visit the website at: .

3) Oliver, BC. Located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, this Oliver, BC retreat might just get your creativity moving. Visit the website at: .

4) Ouray, Colorado. Beautiful mountains are a fantastic inspiration when the need for creativity comes to call. Check it out here: .

5) Soapstone in Portland, Oregon. Picturesque and secluded, Soapstone is a retreat specifically for women writers. Check out the website:

6) Anam Cara in Cork, Ireland. Green pastures and seclusion. Check out their website here:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Be Life Confident

There's an interesting sign in my neighbourhood. It's from a financial services company and the sign says "Are you life confident?" It's an interesting way to view things.

Life confident? What exactly does that mean? I'm sure it means something different to everyone.

Are humans life confident? Do we go forward with our dreams, pursue them, go with our passions? Do we trust that our passions will unfold for us? Are we confident in ourselves, in our day to day activities? Do we unwaveringly do what we feel is the right thing or do we hesitate, missing opportunities?

What does being life confident mean to you? And what will you do to get there?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Importance of Being Creative

I believe that things always come around full circle.

Centuries ago, humans were very creative. It was a way of living. Creative expression was key in handling day to day affairs. The right brain was being used to its full potential.

Then, suddenly, the left brain became the dominant one. It was more important to be logical and rational than it was artsy and playful.

But that's all changing. I recently read an article on how creativity is a requirement when applying for jobs. Employers are seeing the benefit in using the right side of the brain more frequently and encourage employees to use their creative minds to get the job done.

There are also a few books out there worth perusing:
The Rise of the Creative Class by Dr. Richard Florida
The Flight of the Creative Class by Dr. Richard Florida
A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink