Monday, May 26, 2008

Writing Prompt

This week I thought I'd add a writing prompt to the blog. I think writing prompts are great if you are feeling a little stuck and need an extra push.

Today's writing prompt is:
The phone rings twice, then stops. Then it rings one more time, then stops. Finally, it rings 3 times and you answer it. Who's on the other end and what do they want?

Have fun with this one and see where your story leads you. And remember, don't judge or analyze what you are writing. Just write!

1 comment:

Meghna said...

You rightly said that writing prompts give you an extra push. Getting started on your writing is not that easy. Writing prompts for some inspiration is a must. If you love writing and penning down your thoughts, take a look, get some ideas, some inspiration, anything you need to write and get it going.
Thank you for sharing this. I will work on this and follow more...