Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Creative Era

I'm not sure if you know who Daniel Pink is but he wrote a book called A Whole New Mind (that's him and his book to the right), which talks about how right-brained people will be ruling the future...(well, that's what the subtitle says.)
Basically, those people who are left-brained and have careers in left-brained type industries (like, I.T. etc) will find themselves at a loss as companies begin to outsource work to other countries, or to computers.

Creatives (right-brained types) are becoming invaluable to companies because they can effectively problem solve and think outside the box.

This is an interesting concept, especially considering that most of us have been taught that jobs in these left-brained dominant fields are lucrative and stable. These careers had always been considered 'real' jobs.

Many of us probably didn't think that writing could be a viable career option.
All I can say is: Start getting that right-brain into shape....looks like we'll be busy.

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