Monday, September 29, 2008


Where is your creativity at these days? Are you feeling completely blocked? Is your head so loaded with 'whatever' that you can't make out the creative thoughts from the inner ramblings?

What if you went with those inner ramblings? What would they say? Today, start unloading your brain. Dump everything out onto paper and see if you can make heads or tails of it. Keep the stuff you think is worth keeping and dispose of anything that you don't like.

Now... what do you have left? Work with it. Don't judge.

There's something about going with the flow.

This week, check out this website: The Muse Online Writer's Conference


Ian said...

My creativity is in that calm before the storm of nano. I'm working on editing/rewriting a 95%-done manuscript I started back in 2005, as it seems relevant now that I'm (hopefully) close to an agent deal. I figure that's something I can do without getting bogged down prior to my upcoming nano project I've entitled Pariah's Moon (isn't that a frickin' sweet title?).

The Writing Muse said...

I love the title. Seriously, with everything you've done, it's very inspiring.