Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aligning with Your Writing

Photo credit: Tamara Hanson

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. 
~Ray Bradbury

When you are writing, you need to be in 'alignment' or 'in the zone' with your story. Well, that's a given. But, our brains are usually locked down by what we have to say or filtering out what we really want to say because we might feel it inappropriate or cheesy or ..... whatever.

What we have to remember is creativity is about getting in the flow, getting into alignment with who we really are as a writer; getting into the flow of what we are creating and believing in ourselves and our work.

I'm sure that I have spoken of this before, but this is a very important aspect to writing your story.

Some say that they have 'writer's block' like it is a terminal illness. There's nothing holding any of us back from moving forward with our stories...except ourselves. We, for some reason, decide to cut ourselves off from the flow of creativity. Maybe we feel the story isn't good enough or we aren't good enough. We can't believe that someone would actually like the 'garbage' we are writing, so why continue?

Obviously, you started the story for some purpose. That story, along with many others, beats strongly in your heart waiting for you to choose to write rather than holding yourself away from the beautiful story unfolding.

So, do you choose to stay drunk on writing, hushing the nagging voices that tell you it's not possible or do you choose to let reality swallow you into its abyss?

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