Monday, September 1, 2014

Your Calling

I know I haven't been focusing on this blog for a long while; but, I promise, I will from now on.

What have I been doing with my time? I've been focusing on an area of writing that has been calling my name for a couple of years. I have been focusing on relationships, love, self love, and everything else that comes with it over at my blog Soul Love Awakening.

Ever since my fiance passed away almost 3 years ago, and after having a large variety of relationship experiences from great to not really great, I felt a passion and an inspiration to assist others by writing what I know.

What should a writer write about? Many writers struggle with this. Some writing projects seem like a struggle and it's difficult to find the flow.

Keep in mind that writing what you know is part of finding your niche. The other part is to write what is guiding you. Sometimes, it's a topic you aren't entirely familiar with, but you feel that you need to pursue it. And, sometimes, inspiration shows up and we don't know what it wants or where it's going. So, we drop it, thinking it's just a crazy thought when we really should dig deeper.

Inspiration can lead you in a whole new direction you never expected if you have the courage to follow it.

What is it that is inspiring you? What writing project has been on your mind for a long time and doesn't seem to go away? Maybe it's time to pursue it.

Happy Writing!

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