Sunday, November 23, 2014

Much Ado About Nothing

Over the last week and half, I've been struggling with finding creativity. Constant distraction at home and re-learning grade 7 science and math (to help my son) has made this woman tired and brain-dead. The writing muse does not want to come out when I'm stressing about rocks and tectonic plates. 

So, how does a writer manage to let in the creative muse when distraction abounds? How does a writer focus when a small child wants to do her own work in the same room as you, promising not to make a sound...but still chats? Headphones seem to work really well. Unfortunately, they don't permanently solve the problem because said child will still tap your arm to get your attention. 

There's always learning the fine art of becoming desensitized to the incessant noise. However, that only lasts so long. It's a juggling act. It's fitting in moments of inspiration when they arise and when you can grab the chance. If the moments aren't there, then you are stuck with writing that doesn't even have a pulse!

I don't think there is one antidote for when distraction has you cornered, nipping at your ankles. We are all somewhat alone in this, searching around in the dark, trying to find the right combination that will help alleviate frustrations and get us writing again. 

Writing my feelings out in this blog seems to help. Maybe that's all that needs to happen. And, if it means staying up late to gain a sense of accomplishment, then bring out the midnight oil!

“To be a well-favoured man is the gift of fortune; but to write and read comes by nature.” 
― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

Keep writing, friends....even when the muse is taking a nap!

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