Monday, December 29, 2014

Taking a Chance

Today, I am stuck in Joss Whedon mode, and that's okay. I appreciate the man's thought process and writing style. 

His work also has me thinking about my work, and the fact that I've been doing this thing for 20 years and haven't really moved forward with getting my stuff out to the masses. I mean, really? Who does that? I have tons of completed projects, but why haven't I shared them with the world? I know focusing on my children has played a role, plus other life changes. But, come on, isn't it time to start doing something with my work? This is what I've wanted for a long time. Isn't it time to kick it up a notch? Isn't it time to take a chance? 

Maybe you have been waiting for some sign that it's time to take your writing to the next level. Well, here it is. 

Put yourself out there. If you are worried, like me, that your work isn't perfect enough, well, here's a newsflash for you: It will never be perfect enough. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't proofread and edit your work. However, it does mean that there comes a time when you have to cut the apron strings and let it go.

Friends, the new year is coming. It's time to decide what you are going to do with it. 

Keep on writing and Happy New Year! 

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