Sunday, February 28, 2016


We all have a purpose in life whether we think we do or not.
A few years ago, I questioned my work and if I was really offering a service or helping others through my writing. If I'm 'just' writing novels, how am I helping others? How am I being of service to others?

I love writing and I feel very passionate about it; however, my passion wasn't the issue. The issue was, how was I helping others?

I wanted to provide some value to help others grow. Writing wasn't solely about me and what my heart wanted; it was also about the bigger picture.

And that's what it's about. Writing (or whatever your work is) isn't just about you. This the fallacy in life and that's what people struggle with daily: thinking that it's just about us as individuals. Separated. 

What's my purpose? Thinking that it's only about getting the golden ticket, whatever that looks like, is erroneous. 

As Stephen King says in the quote above, whatever we do, whatever our purpose, it isn't about the fame, notoriety, the chicks or the men. It isn't about living next to Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, or Stephen Amell.

It isn't about getting chummy with J.K. Rowling or Neil Gaiman.  It also isn't about proving a point to your spouse, your ex, or even to the kids who had bullied you in school 20 years ago.

It's actually about living your passion and doing what you love. It's about self-expression and creativity, and about enhancing other's lives, providing a new perspective, inspiration, and greater enlightenment while contributing to the bigger picture. It's not one or the other--it's all of the above.  

If your work is enriching your life as well as the lives of other people, you have tapped into your passion and your purpose.

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