Friday, June 20, 2008

Article Writing Sites....Not for the Faint of Heart

Have you ever considered writing articles for those 'quasi-paying' article writing websites?

You know, the ones where they want to hire writers to churn out 3 or more articles per month? For instance, and both hire writers to write articles for their websites, usually paying by the click.

The question is, should you write for these websites when you know the pay is minimal?
Well, the best answer to that question is a question: What is your intention when signing up?

1) Is it the money? Writing articles for these sites will not bring great fortune. It not only takes many articles to keep money streaming in, but it also takes the 'right articles'. The big money articles are those that are considered hot topics. Examples: Money, sex, dating, marriage and anything seasonal (holidays, etc).
2)Is it the experience? Maybe you'll find the writing experience to be beneficial or maybe it's all about the writing and fulfilling a need. If this is the case, then more power to you.
3)Is it about the marketing? These sites are a form of advertising. Someone sees your work and wants to hire you. (I'm not sure how often this happens, though.)
4)Is it about the glory? I'm not sure how much glory or fame you'll experience through these websites, but it is kinda cool to see your name attached to a piece of work that you really worked at.

Whatever the reason, make sure you go into it with your eyes wide open and no expectations.

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