Saturday, June 7, 2008

What to Pay a Freelancer

Some of you out there may be struggling with how much you should be paid as a freelance writer. Some of you who are new to the business may not feel 'right' asking for a certain amount and decide to go lower than what you would normally charge.

Of course, experience is everything and a strong portfolio will certainly help you win bigger and better gigs. Sometimes you have to take the smaller writing jobs just to get more experience.

This is all par for the course. As long as you are getting paid and as long as this isn't slave labour, then focus on building that that portfolio. Once you start stalk-piling writing projects, you will find more and more writing gigs coming in.

Eventually you'll discover that it's easier to tell clients how much you charge without even blinking or twitching a muscle.

Below are a couple of websites that will give you an idea what you should be charging as a freelance writer.

Remember, freelance writing is a profession, and as such, you should be paid like a professional.

What to Pay a Writer, Professional Writers Association of Canada:

Setting Your Fees as a Writer:

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