Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where Are You Going Today?

So, where are you going today with your writing?

What? No where?

How come?

No inspiration?

I see.

Sometimes the inspiration that comes to us doesn't have to be the idea that becomes the bestselling novel.

Take this blog post for example. Hardly award winning. It started out with trying to find something to write about. The question, "Where are you going with your writing today?" was really directed toward me. Where am I going?

I have freelance projects that are due, but I really want to get my book 'Reinventing Rita' past the first draft.

Hold on. I'm getting off topic. I was talking about inspiration. Finding something that inspires you doesn't have to be this amazing a mountain or a sunset or the calm of a lake. It can be a breadbox, if that's what really gets you going.

It can be an action: Going to the breadbox and finding there is no bread.

It can be the desire to buy a breadbox and how it would really make life easier.

It could also be figuring out what the heck a breadbox is. (My husband has no idea. When I explained it to him, he said I was old.)

Find the thing that gets you to write and write about it. Who cares if it doesn't go really didn't waste any time. Did you have something better planned today?

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