Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Nights

I love summer. Tonight I went for a walk with my dog and enjoyed the peaceful calm of a warm summer night.

It got me thinking about all of those summer nights during childhood. The late night games of Moving Statues out on the lawn or Hide and Seek throughout the entire neighbourhood. We'd be hopping fences and running through neighbours' yards trying not to get caught.

Or sleepovers in the tent in my friend's backyard. We'd go to sleep chilly but wake up boiling with the sun beating down on us.

I remember walking to the playground or the corner store to pick up Mojos and pop. Or hanging out at a friend's house watching movies and eating chips. One mom in particular was very attentive to us when we came over, always making sure we were well-fed.
And we'd always rent at least 5 movies and only get through 2.

Summer reminds me of the time when relatives would pull up in front of our house with their camper hitched behind the car.

When I think of all of these things now, there is longing and happiness and I hope my children be able to enjoy similar experiences.

What are your summer memories? Just by going back into your memory bank, you will probably come up with more than enough story ideas

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